It’s for students from any part of the world preparing for their test to get into their dream university without spending on online/offline classes.

Initially, support will be provided to only international tests like MCAT, SAT, GRE.

Not really, Teachers are welcomed as well. A badge will be assigned to verified teachers as well that can contribute in their expertise. 

Users can post their queries and ask from relevant experts. Even if you are not an expert, you can still answer to a posted query providing relevant explanation. 

The higher your contributions and the more positive feedback from your answers, you are more likely to achieve a GENIE badge.

You become a trusted member at GenioPrep, and students can now directly approach you for questions where then you can earn by conducting classes and sharing resources with your group.

No, you will be able to share more resources with your community that includes complete solutions to past exams, lecture PDFs & videos, and even conduct classes.

You can offer resources at a price or let them remain free.

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