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GCE O’Level English: 9 simple Tips to Prepare for Maximum Result

Are you looking for a self-study guide to get a better grade in your GCE O-level English?


Your exams are approaching and you want to have a better grip instantly?


Follow these nine tips to up your game and perform your best on the assessment day.

Let’s start with the most important asset you have: TIME.

Tip 1: Plan your time carefully

The best way to prepare for a comprehensive exam is to manage your time wisely.

You have to keep in mind that you have other subjects to prepare also. Make a timetable and try to work for two to three short(say 30 minutes) sessions per day for English.

Following a timetable will help you to organize your everyday study and balance your workload.


the timetable will make you consistent and will develop the habit of reading in you.

I have made a sample time table for English preparation from Schedule Builder. Try making yours and it’s fun to make as well.  My Time Table gce o level english

Tip 2: Make reading a habit

Start reading if you are not already.


I am 100% sure you won’t regret it!

Make friendship with books and get a better grade in GCE O-level English exam. Read novels, magazines, articles, in short read anything available to you to increase your vocabulary.

I used to read newspapers and highlight the words which were new to me. Then I used to check their meaning and read again. This is by far the best way out there to improve your vocabulary.

Quick Advice: Read “Black Beauty” book. It’s simple and beautiful, and most importantly it will nurture your vocabulary.

Tip 3: Watch movies with subtitles

Movies are just for entertainment, right?


We can use movies as an important tool to improve our English. We all love movies, but if we listen carefully and read the subtitle we can boost our English.

Watch these movies for better results.


if you are not comfortable with the screen, then you can follow our Tip 4.

Tip 4: Listen to audiobooks:

The GCE O-level English exam is also going to test your listing ability, for which audiobooks can play a vital role. I used to listen to an audiobook for half an hour every day.

This does not only improve your English listing ability but also gives you a new perspective and imagination.

In addition to this, you must first have a good grip on your grammar.

Tip 5: Follow your syllabus too:

syllabus gce o level english

The GCE O-level English exam has no syllabus to memorize. They are only going to assess your English language. For that, the above-mentioned tips are very beneficial.

But, you must follow the guideline of your syllabus too.

Tip 6: Have a perfect grammar book:

To perform well in the GCE O-level English exam, you don’t need good English but correct English.

In fact, you need perfect grammar.

Wren and Martin High School Grammar is a perfect choice. You have to go through all thoroughly to get your English basis right.

Once your basics are good, then you need to focus on one major part of your GCE O’Level English SPELLINGS.

Tip 7: Memorize Spellings to Lose Minimum Marks for GCE O’Level English:spelling apps gce o level english

Spellings are the center of your GCE O-level English exam’s grade. Most students have very good English, yet they lose marks.

It is mainly because they don’t focus on their spelling. So do memorize the spelling of any new word you learn.

And most importantly: Don’t write the word you don’t know the spelling of in your exam.

Check out some of the best spelling apps that you can download to your phone from here.

Tip 8: Prepare Past Papers of GCE O’Level English in Depth

Past papers are the backbone of your preparation for the exam. Read, analyze, and solve each past paper with concentration. This will give you the idea of the final exam and will make you mentally prepare.

Be consciously aware of the pattern and analyze what the examiner expects from you.

Tip 9: Use apps to improve vocabulary:vocabulary-builder-gce-o-level-english

Last but not least is the use of technology. There are numerous apps out there to improve your English. For example Fluentu and Rosetta Store.

Tips you must follow during your GCE O-level English exam:

  • Try using your own words.
  • Keep your answers clear and simple.
  • Plane and organize your essay _it will save you time in the long run.
  • Review your work.
  • Keep talking in your speaking exam. The examiner wants to hear what you have to say.

Here are a few favorite apps:

App Store:

Play Store:

Final Thoughts

It is not just about the English language, but being able to perform well under the pressure of the exam. Do you agree?

Comment below let us know!


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